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We understand how emotionally challenging and stressful the breakdown of a relationship can be, especially when young and adolescent children are involved. The legal complications and difficulties collateral to the collapse of an intimate relationship further burden an already complicated situation.

In this context, our Family Law Solicitors approach each family law dispute delicately and with an open mind. With almost two decades of experience, our team of experienced Family Lawyers have conducted proceedings in the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia, acting in a variety of simple to complex family disputes.

Our Family Law and Children Lawyers have represented persons coming out of long term marriages and short term marriages.

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What are my options?

We understand that often the best and most convenient solution for a family matter can be found outside of Court proceedings. There are many more options available to resolve a family dispute other than assertive and expensive litigation. We take the time to explore these options with you so that you achieve the desired result without having to pay too much.  Of course, should the matter not be able to be resolved outside of the Court room, then you can rest assured that for over a decade, our team has handled complicated Children and Property Settlement Family Law matters, often involving complicated facts and twists. 

Our Sydney Family Solicitors are leaders in the field, with an unparalleled prestige for pursuing and providing family legal solutions with a combination of vigour, technical competence and skill. We have dealt with complex and controversial family law disputes and understand the constantly evolving legislation and case law that make up family law.

Is your Partner preventing you from seeing your child?

Are you in dispute about residence or contact issues?

Do you need to sort out your property matters?

You may wish to contact our firm by telephone on (02) 9233 4048 or email us at info@navado.com.au, if you need assistance with your Family Law dispute.

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If you require assistance with a Family matter, you should make an appointment to see one of our Lawyers in one of the following locations:

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  • Family Lawyer Sydney
  • De Facto Lawyer Sydney
  • Relationships Lawyer Sydney
  • Divorce Lawyer Sydney
  • Family Lawyer Parramatta
  • De Facto Lawyer Parramatta
  • Relationships Lawyer Parramatta
  • Divorce Lawyer Parramatta
  • Family Lawyer North Sydney
  • De Facto Lawyer North Sydney
  • Relationships Lawyer North Sydney
  • Divorce Lawyer North Sydney
  • Family Lawyer Rockdale
  • De Facto Lawyer Rockdale
  • Relationships Lawyer Rockdale
  • Divorce Lawyer Rockdale
  • Family Lawyer Liverpool
  • De Facto Lawyer Liverpool
  • Relationships Lawyer Liverpool
  • Divorce Lawyer Liverpool
  • Family Lawyer Gordon
  • De Facto Lawyer Gordon
  • Relationships Lawyer Gordon
  • Divorce Lawyer Gordon
  • Family Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • De Facto Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Relationships Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Divorce Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Family Lawyer Campbelltown
  • De Facto Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Relationships Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Divorce Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Family Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • De Facto Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Relationships Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Divorce Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Family Lawyer Chatswood
  • De Facto Lawyer Chatswood
  • Relationships Lawyer Chatswood
  • Divorce Lawyer Chatswood
  • Family Lawyer Miranda
  • De Facto Lawyer Miranda
  • Relationships Lawyer Miranda
  • Divorce Lawyer Miranda
  • Family Lawyer Bella Vista
  • De Facto Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Relationships Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Divorce Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Family Lawyer Erina
  • De Facto Lawyer Erina
  • Relationships Lawyer Erina
  • Divorce Lawyer Erina
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