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Dog Bites:

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In NSW, if a dog rushes at, attacks, bites, chases, or harasses a person or another animal (excluding vermin), the owner of the dog is guilty of an offence and a penalty notice may be issued. It is not necessary for injury or damage to have been caused as a result of the dog’s conduct.

If the dog causes injury, the owner will be liable for the cost of any personal or property damage caused by the dog, including injury to another animal.

The owner of the dog will face a higher penalty if the owner was reckless or failed to take steps to prevent the behaviour.

It is not an offence if the dog’s conduct is the result of:

  • The dog being mistreated, attacked or provoked;
  • The person or animal trespassing on land where the dog is held;
  • The dog acting in defence of a person or property;
  • Legalised hunting;
  • Working of stock by a dog or related training;
  • A police dog performing its duties.

If you have been bitten by a dog or if you are the owner of a dog that has attacked another animal or person, you may wish to contact our firm and arrange an appointment to see one of our Animal & Pet Law Solicitors. Please call (02) 9233 4048 or send an email to info@navado.com.au. 

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