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Business & Online Start-ups:

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We provide legal services in relation to a broad range of Business & Online Start-Up matters including:

  • Anti-Discrimination Laws;
  • ASIC Compliance;
  • Asset Protection Advice;
  • ATO Compliance;
  • Australian Consumer Law Obligations;
  • Business Name Registration;
  • Buying a Child Care Centre;
  • Cancellation or Suspension of a Childcare Centre Licence;
  • Capital Raising;
  • Childcare Centre Partnerships;
  • Commercial Advice;
  • Company Constitutions;
  • Company Registration;
  • Company Set Up;
  • Compliance Advice;
  • Compliance with the National Quality Framework;
  • Compliance with Codes of Practice;
  • Compliance with Regulations;
  • Compliance with Standards;
  • Consumer Warranties;
  • Contract Drafting;
  • Contractor Agreements;
  • Copyright Infringement;
  • Copyright Ownership;
  • Corporate Structuring;
  • Debt Recovery;
  • Defamation;
  • Development Applications;
  • Directors’ Duties;
  • Directors’ Powers;
  • Directorship Requirements;
  • Disclosure of Commissions;
  • Domain Name Registration;
  • Drafting Agreements;
  • Drafting Contracts;
  • Drafting Policies;
  • Drafting Terms & Conditions;
  • Employment Contracts;
  • Employment Law Issues;
  • Equipment Hire Contracts;
  • Exporting Requirements;
  • Fair Work Obligations;
  • Franchising Agreements;
  • Fintech;
  • Funding Agreements;
  • Importing Requirements;
  • Independent Contractor Agreements;
  • Insurance Contract Advice;
  • Intellectual Property Recognition;
  • Intellectual Property Rights;
  • Internet Fraud;
  • Investment Restrictions;
  • Invoice Requirements;
  • Lease Agreements;
  • Lease-Hire Agreements;
  • Leasing of Premises;
  • License Applications;
  • Liquor Licensing;
  • Outsourcing Agreements;
  • Paid Parental Leave;
  • Partnership Agreements;
  • Patent Protection;
  • Permit Applications;
  • Permitted Use of Premises;
  • PPSR Registration;
  • Privacy Policies;
  • Public Listing on ASX;
  • Referrer Agreements;
  • Registering for GST;
  • Registering Security Interests;
  • Retail Leasing Laws;
  • Security of Financial Data;
  • Selling a Childcare Centre
  • Shareholder’s Agreements;
  • Shareholder Powers;
  • SMSF Set-Up;
  • Sole Trader Set-Up;
  • Social Media Policies;
  • Spam Obligations;
  • Sponsorship Arrangements;
  • Superannuation Obligations;
  • Taxation Obligations;
  • Tax Invoices;
  • Tenancy Agreements;
  • Tendering Processes;
  • Terms and Conditions;
  • Trademark Infringement;
  • Trademark Registration;
  • Trust Set-Ups;
  • Website Disclaimers;
  • Website Disclosure Policies;
  • Website Privacy Policies;
  • Website Terms & Conditions;
  • Website Security;
  • Work Health & Safety Laws;
  • Workplace Policies;

If you require assistance with a Business and On-Line Start Ups matter, you may wish to contact our Sydney CBD Head Office in order to arrange an appointment to meet with a Solicitor from our team. Alternatively, we are able to arrange a time for you to see one of our Business and On-Line Start Ups solicitors at one of our conveniently located branch offices. For a complete listing please see our “Locations” tab.

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