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Business & Company Set-Up Offer4

Before you embark upon setting up a business, you will need to decide the type of legal entity that is proposed to own the business – for example, Sole Trader, Partnership, Company or Discretionary Trust. 

Many new businesses are established to be owned by Companies. 

Setting up a company is a huge financial step. With the right advice and guidance, operating a business through a company can yield great returns. When set up incorrectly however, it can lead to severe repercussions.

Our Public Accountants offer a Business and Company Setup Offer at a flat fee of $ 825.00 plus disbursements.  The fee of $ 825.00 is for the following professional work:-

  1. the taking of instructions from you and the facilitation of the set-up of a Company (see Company set-up offer); and
  2. assisting you with any application for Australian Business Number (ABN) and a Tax File Number (TFN); and
  3. if applicable and you so require, assisting you with any application for the registration of any business name with ASIC. 

Disbursements for the set up of the Company will be a fee of $ 59.50, comprising $ 457.00 payable to ASIC and $ 137.50 for documentation production.

What does the Business & Company Set-Up Offer include?

Our Public Accountants will take instructions from you and assist you and facilitate the Registration of your Company.  You will be provided with the following documents:-

  • Consent to act as Director;
  • Consent to act as Secretary;
  • Application for shares;
  • Minutes of a meeting of directors;
  • Share Certificates;
  • Consent to act as Public Officer;
  • Notice of appointment of Public Officer;
  • Constitution;
  • Certificate of Registration — which shows the ACN (Australian Company Number), the date of registration, and the registered company name
  • an Establishment Kit. 

If you have instructed us to register a Business Name with ASIC, you will also receive the relevant documentation from ASIC, in relation to the Business Name.

Some risks with standard Business & Company set-up services

It is important that you note and understand that our Public Accountants, who essentially will take instructions from you and assist you and facilitate the registration of your Business and Company, are not lawyers or financial advisers and cannot provide you with legal or financial advice.  

The work performed by our Public Accountants effectively involves the provision to you, of a standard set of documents, which have been generated by document providers, but which are completed by our Public Accountants, based on your instructions.

We recommend that you obtain legal and financial advice, prior to deciding to establish a business and company. 

Very often, for example, clients may require specific solutions that are tailored to their specific circumstances and which are not provided for in the standard set of documentation that is usually sourced and provided to clients when relying on standard documents used for the set-up of a business and company. 

For more information, or to arrange an appointment with one of Public Accountants, contact our office on our main line (02) 9233 4048.

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