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Traffic Law & Traffic Offences:

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Our Traffic Lawyers are experienced, proficient and skilled in Traffic Law and able to assist you in all Traffic Law related offences and/or charges. Our experienced Traffic Attorneys have an outstanding track record in Traffic matters in Local and District Courts.

If you rely on your driver’s licence to get to work or take your children to school, then you should ensure that you are represented by a skilled and competent Criminal and Traffic Lawyer who understands the law, proper Court procedures and how your case can be best presented so as to maximise your chance of achieving the best result for you.

Emergency After Hours Hotline

We understand that problems don’t just arise between the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. That is why we offer an emergency 24 hour call service, 7 days a week on 0414 322 287.   If we are not available to answer the phone, please leave a message and we will return the call, as soon as possible. 

You should contact our 24 hour hotline on 0414 322 287, if:

  • You require urgent legal representation because you have been charged with an offence in the Sydney Metropolitan area 
  • You have been arrested or are being held in custody by police in the Sydney Metropolitan area 
  • You require an urgent bail application in the Sydney Metropolitan area 
  • You or your property is the subject of a search warrant in the Sydney Metropolitan area 
  • You are due to appear in Court the next day in the Sydney Metropolitan area for a criminal offence 
  • You require emergency assistance in your criminal law matter and you reside in the Sydney Metropolitan area 
  • You require an urgent bail application in the Sydney Metropolitan area 

Your call will be answered by an experienced and specialist Sydney based Criminal Defense Lawyer who can assist you verbally over the telephone or, if so required and possible, attend at any police station or jail in the Sydney Metropolitan area.  It is important to us that, in any of the above circumstances, you have access to exceptional legal representation and receive fair and just treatment under the eyes of the law.

Fixed Fee Options

We understand the sheer financial burden of having to see a lawyer, so we offer competitive fixed fee options. Click our Fixed Fee Court Appearance & Fixed Fee Preliminary Legal Opinion buttons for more information (above).

Access to Sydney's leading barristers

In some circumstances, Traffic matters might require the combined effort of our Traffic Solicitors as well as Traffic Barristers. We have access to Sydney's leading Traffic and Criminal Barristers.

Our expertise

For quality and professional Traffic Law & Traffic Offences legal advice, we invite you to contact our firm on (02) 9233 4048 or email us on info@navado.com.au to arrange an appointment to speak to one of our dedicated Solicitors today.


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If you require assistance with a Traffic matter, you should make an appointment to see one of our Lawyers in one of the following locations:

  • Sydney

Our Locations

  • Traffic Lawyer Sydney
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Sydney
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Sydney
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Sydney
  • DUI Lawyer Sydney
  • Speeding Lawyer Sydney
  • Traffic Lawyer Parramatta
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Parramatta
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Parramatta
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Parramatta
  • DUI Lawyer Parramatta
  • Speeding Lawyer Parramatta
  • Traffic Lawyer North Sydney
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer North Sydney
  • Driving Offence Lawyer North Sydney
  • Drink Driving Lawyer North Sydney
  • DUI Lawyer North Sydney
  • Speeding Lawyer North Sydney
  • Traffic Lawyer Rockdale
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Rockdale
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Rockdale
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Rockdale
  • DUI Lawyer Rockdale
  • Speeding Lawyer Rockdale
  • Traffic Lawyer Liverpool
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Liverpool
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Liverpool
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Liverpool
  • DUI Lawyer Liverpool
  • Speeding Lawyer Liverpool
  • Traffic Lawyer Gordon
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Gordon
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Gordon
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Gordon
  • DUI Lawyer Gordon
  • Speeding Lawyer Gordon
  • Traffic Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • DUI Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Speeding Lawyer Baulkham Hills
  • Traffic Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Campbelltown
  • DUI Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Speeding Lawyer Campbelltown
  • Traffic Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • DUI Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Speeding Lawyer Bondi Junction
  • Traffic Lawyer Chatswood
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Chatswood
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Chatswood
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Chatswood
  • DUI Lawyer Chatswood
  • Speeding Lawyer Chatswood
  • Traffic Lawyer Miranda
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Miranda
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Miranda
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Miranda
  • DUI Lawyer Miranda
  • Speeding Lawyer Miranda
  • Traffic Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Bella Vista
  • DUI Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Speeding Lawyer Bella Vista
  • Traffic Lawyer Erina
  • Traffic Offence Lawyer Erina
  • Driving Offence Lawyer Erina
  • Drink Driving Lawyer Erina
  • DUI Lawyer Erina
  • Speeding Lawyer Erina
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