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Compensation is where a person receives a monetary payment for loss they have suffered as a result of the conduct of another or upon an event triggering the payment of compensation pursuant a contract or policy of insurance.

In NSW, this area of the law is highly regulated and the availability of compensation and the processes involved will largely depend on the circumstances in which the loss has occurred. For example a claim for compensation may follow a:

  • Motor vehicle accident;
  • Injury at a public places such as supermarkets, parks, footpaths;
  • Accident occurring during a sporting or recreational activity;
  • Medical condition impairing a person’s capacity to work;
  • Professional negligence where a professional has breached their duty of care in services or care provided;
  • Accident arising from the breach of statutory obligations by another party such as a breach of workplace, health & safety laws.

The legislation prescribes who may make a claim, the time limits for making a claim, the steps that must be undertaken prior to and after making a claim, the information to be provided about a claim, the process of accepting or rejecting liability for the loss, the jurisdiction for determining the claim (eg Court or a Tribunal) and the maximum amount of compensation available.

If you require assistance with a compensation claim, we recommend that you contact our office and arrange an appointment to see one of our Personal Injury & Compensation Solicitors in our Sydney office. For a complete listing please see our "Locations" tab.

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