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How we charge

We pride ourselves on our price-competitive nature. 

We strive to provide the highest quality legal services whilst ensuring that our services remain affordable. The way we see it, every Australian should have access to exceptional legal advice and assistance and there should be no mystery about professional fees. We are not afraid to let you know how we charge for our services before you have even met us and we are confident enough in our services to outline our range of fixed fee options on our website.  Across all our services, we offer free first consultations with the appropriate expert. 

For legal matters, we charge on either a fixed fee, hourly rate or staged billing basis. We keep our legal fees fair and reasonable and disclose fees up-front, in writing, at all times. Across all legal matters, we charge fixed fees for the provision of a preliminary legal opinion.  In matters where it is more difficult to predict precisely what the total legal fees will be, we will charge on an hourly rate basis, but we will provide a written quote, up-front, that sets out an estimate of the total legal fees that we might charge in your legal matter. For a more detailed understanding of how we charge for a particular type of legal matter, choose a legal area (via the menu above) and then click on the ‘how we charge’ quick link or other quick links that explain how we charge for the particular type of matter.

By offering free consultations with any one of our experts, as well as so many flexible pricing structures, we remain competitive at all times, across our suite of services.

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