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Many people make the mistake of underestimating the complexity and significance of a Will.

Any ambiguity which arises from a Will can leave it open to legal challenge and re-interpretation in Court, causing significant stress, angst and complexity at a sentimental time. In the experience of our Sydney Lawyers, it is often the case that a Wills dispute could have easily been avoided by a clear and well-devised Will.

The Sydney Wills Lawyers and Estate Solicitors at Navado are well-versed in equity, succession and trusts Law and are experienced in the art of advising on Wills of varying complexity.

We can advise on complex Wills and Estate disputes. 

Understandably, the inconvenience and financial burden associated with the preparation of a Will has led to many people turning to do-it-yourself kits and online Will making services. These methods of Will making, although appearing to be cheap and convenient, can compromise the quality of your Will and are based on standard precedents. Further, they may not accurately reflect the testamentary wishes of the testator; may not be capable of addressing complex estates and can be subject to additional legal challenge and family acrimony.

We invite you to contact our firm on (02) 9233 4048 and speak to one of our Sydney Wills Lawyers and Estates Lawyers for more information.

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