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Bullying and harassment can occur online, via internet and other telecommunications technologies, and can be as damaging to the victim as face-to-face harassment and bullying. The act of bullying can be directed at some personal aspect of the victim so as to make them feel ridiculed or vilified. As such, the legal principles relating to Discrimination Law may be relevant in determining the liability of the allegedly harassing party. Online activity that can fall under this category includes vexatious and malicious gossip as well as “hate mail” and activity that can be described as online “pranking”. Although a more familiar or cavalier behavior may be acceptable between good friends or work colleagues, some people may find overfamiliar or hostile behavior unwelcome, disconcerting or even threatening.

Online harassment and cyberbullying can occur in a variety of internet based environments, the most common of which may be social networking websites and databases. Emailing people inappropriately may also constitute a form of harassment of cyberbullying. With the increasing promulgation of online technologies in the workplace, these areas of concern are also covered by the general principles of law. More information about these principles and related issues can be found in our sections concerning “Harassment and Bullying”, “Workplace Harassment” and “Sexual Harassment”.

If you think you may have experienced conduct that fits the definition of harassment, or alternatively, if somebody has accused you of harassment, there are a number of pressing legal considerations that may need to be considered before you finally decide how to deal with your problem. Our online harassment lawyers have been assisting people who need legal help for over a decade and we have the experience and expertise required to guide you through any complicated legal processes involved in your case.

If you would like to discuss issues related to cyberbullying, you can contact our firm by telephone on (02) 9233 4048 or send an email to info@navado.com.au to set a meeting with our cyber lawyers. 

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