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AVO Conditions:

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An Apprehended Violence Order (“AVO”) is an Order which aims to protect a “Protected Person” from being the victim of violence, intimidation, harassment, stalking and threats by another. At Court, the other party is known as the Defendant. An AVO can be made by the Local Court, however, in some instances, a provisional AVO may be made by the Police pending the application to Court.

An AVO imposes certain conditions on the behaviour and movements of the Defendant.  Every AVO will prohibit the Defendant from:

  • Assaulting, molesting, harassing, threatening or otherwise interfering with the Protected Person or anyone with whom they are in a domestic relationship; and
  • Intimidating the Protected Person or anyone with whom they are in a domestic relationship; and
  • Stalking the Protected Person or anyone with whom they are in a domestic relationship.

Additional conditions may be mandated depending on the circumstances of the case, such as restrictions or prohibitions on the Defendant:

  • Approaching the Protected Person;
  • Accessing premises occupied by the Protected Person, their place of work or a premises they are known to frequent;
  • Approaching the Protected Person within 12 hours of consuming alcohol or drugs;
  • Possessing firearms;
  • Damaging property owned by the Protected Person;
  • Certain conduct that may affect the Protected Person.

Special conditions may also be imposed where a Protected Person is a minor. In doing so, the Court will have regard to any relevant parenting order or pending legal proceedings.

If you require assistance with an AVO matter, please arrange an appointment by telephone on (02) 9233 4048 or email info@navado.com.au to see one of our AVO Solicitors. 

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