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Dangerous Dogs:

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A dangerous dog is a dog that:

  • Has without provocation attacked or killed a person or animal (excluding vermin); or
  • Has without provocation threatened to attack or has repeatedly chased a person or animal (excluding vermin); or
  • Is being used for hunting.

An authorised officer of the Local Council, or a Magistrate/ Registrar of the Local Court, can declare a dog to be a “dangerous dog” if it satisfied the dog is dangerous or if it has been declared dangerous in another State.

Owners of a dangerous dog have more onerous obligations than other dog owners. Such obligations include ensuring:

  • The dog is desexed;
  • The dog is always under the control of a person over 18 years;
  • A warning sign is displayed on the boundary of the property where the dog is kept;
  • The dog is always leashed and muzzled when outside of its’ enclosure;
  • The Council is notified of where the dog is ordinarily kept;
  • The dog is registered;
  • Enclosure requirements prescribed by the legislation are satisfied;
  • The dog wears the specified dog collar.

A failure to comply with these requirements is an offence for which a penalty notice can be issued.

If your dog has been declared a dangerous dog and you wish to appeal this declaration, or if you have a dispute pertaining to compliance with your obligations as the owner of a dangerous dog, we recommend that you seek legal advice.

You may wish to contact our firm and arrange an appointment to see one of our Animal Law & Pet Law Solicitors. To do so, please call (02) 9233 4048 or send an email to info@navado.com.au. 

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