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Taxation is a huge consideration for any individual and it is important to have a tailored, detailed approach that suits your needs.  It is fundamental to have a tax compliant and effective structure for income maximisation, optimisation of deductions and the minimisation of administrative, reporting costs and time. Taxation law is a hard, complex and constantly changing area of law. It is full of complexities and detail therefore an experienced Taxation Lawyer may be able to consider your factual circumstance to ensure that you comply with all applicable taxes and that you optimise your taxation strategy.

The Australian tax system is one of the most complex taxation systems in the world, with taxes and regulations levied on both the Federal and State level.  There are a myriad of tax laws such as Goods and Sales Tax (GST), Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), income tax and company taxes. In addition, there are various other sources of tax authorities from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) such as Private Rulings, Tax Determinations, Tax Rulings, Public Rulings, Class rulings and Product Rulings.  Whether you are buying or selling shares, acquiring property, purchasing a business, hiring employees or investing overseas you may be affected by a myriad of Australian tax laws.   Consultation with a specialised Taxation Lawyer can be immensely rewarding and useful in ensuring proper compliance is achieved.

As an individual you need to consider income tax, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) if you are an employee, capital gains tax whenever you acquire or dispose of certain assets and GST. A solid working knowledge and expertise in Taxation Law is immensely useful in devising and implementing tax effective strategies and structures.  Furthermore, it is important to have an awareness and understanding of the deductions that may be applicable and available to you to minimise your taxation liability. You may need to establish certain trusts and companies to appropriately manage income, expenses and deductions. You may need advice to ensure compliance with proper disclosure and reporting obligations.  Our qualified taxation and financial specialists can have consideration or your situation on a holistic level, and may assist in ensuring that your financial goals and ambitions are realised. Our full service integrated practice includes a skilled and experienced team of lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and financial advisors who may greatly assist you in your financial affairs.

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