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Fixed Fee Offers

Standard Individual Tax Return

Our Public Accountants pride themselves on delivering quality and affordable tax and accounting services to Australians.

As part of our campaign to make legal and financial services more affordable for the average Australian, we now charge a flat fee of $143 for a simple individual tax return.

Express lodgement at your first appointment with us

If you have made an appointment with us, you will be meeting with a member of our team, who will take detailed instructions from you regarding your matter and request that you provide us with all documents which we will require to complete your tax return. We have prepared an Individual / Personal Tax Return Checklist. At the first appointment, we will check to see whether you have provided us with adequate instructions and all relevant documentation and if so, we will prepare your individual / personal tax return, if you so instruct and it is appropriate that we do so. After preparing your tax return, we will submit this to you for your review and after you have signed the tax return and instructed us to lodge it, we will lodge the tax return immediately, during the first appointment, after you have made arrangements for the payment of our fees.

Whilst we will do our best to prepare to lodge your tax return during the first appointment, we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible. There will be occasions where, for example, we do not receive adequate instructions from you, or we do not receive all required documentation from you or where complicated tax considerations arise, which prevent us from being able to finalise your tax return, for the agreed fee. If this occurs, then we will discuss with you what further work will need to be performed and any additional cost, before we carry out that work.

What a simple tax return includes

A simple tax return includes:

  • Salary and wage income
  • Simple work related expenses
  • Deductions in relation to the management of your tax affairs
  • Eligible employment termination payments
  • Medical expenses offsets
  • Private health insurance offsets
  • Age pensioner or Senior Australian rebates
  • Superannuation contributions schemes
  • Baby bonus
  • Superannuation pensions or annuity tax offsets
  • Interest and dividend expenses

We may, in our sole and absolute discretion, choose to exclude any of the above matters.

What a simple tax return does NOT include

A simple tax return does not include any work related to:

  • Complicated work related expenses
  • Business income
  • Rental property income
  • Foreign income
  • Capital gains or capital losses
  • Family Tax Benefits
  • Income from managed funds, partnerships, trusts and shares
  • Zone or overseas forces tax offset
  • Asset depreciation
  • Any other matters determinable in our sole and absolute discretion

For more information, or to arrange an appointment with one of our public accountants or accountants, contact our office on our main line (02) 9233 4048.

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