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Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law:

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With extensive knowledge and experience across an array of legal practice areas, our Bankruptcy Lawyers and Insolvency Lawyers deliver quality legal advice and assistance to individuals, corporations, liquidators and creditors. With a track record of success acting for a diverse range of clients affected by bankruptcy and insolvency, our Bankruptcy and Insolvency Solicitors stand at the frontline of the legal industry. We provide legal services in relation to a broad range of Bankruptcy & Insolvency matters including:

Our experience in Bankruptcy & Insolvency matters

Notably, our Sydney Insolvency Lawyers have extensive experience acting for liquidators.

Our Insolvency Solicitors have acted for, and against, liquidators. Our Insolvency Solicitors have acted for liquidators in the provision of technical legal advice to liquidators, as well as in the prosecution of civil claims on behalf of liquidators.  Our Insolvency Lawyers have defended Australian companies who have been served with a Statutory Demand. Our Insolvency Lawyers have assisted companies in preventing an Order for winding up of the company being made; and we have also assisted companies in bringing various Applications to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, including Applications to terminate the winding up of a Company. This has involved examinations of directors and bankrupts.

Our Sydney Insolvency Lawyers are familiar with preferences, unfair loans and other Insolvency type matters including breach of director’s duties, insolvent trading, “clawing back” assets and setting aside voidable transactions.

Please contact our office on (02) 9233 4048 if you wish to book an initial consultation.

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