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Fixed Fee Offers

Fixed Fee Court Appearance

When it comes to seeing a lawyer, the billable hour is one of the greatest hates of clients, who often perceive this to be a lack of transparency in lawyer costing.  Whilst we feel that it is appropriate, sometimes, to charge matters on an hourly rate basis, for some legal services, we have established a fixed fee regime.  

In relation to Court appearances in the Local Court for Criminal or Traffic Law matters, we now offer a ‘Fixed Fee Court Appearance' service, starting from $1100 (including GST), per day of appearance at Court.  For many less complicated matters, we expect that we will be able to offer our services at $ 1100 (including GST), for preparation and attendance at one day at Court.   Depending on the complexity of your matter and the amount of additional work that we may need to perform, we may need to charge fixed fees that are higher than $ 1100, to cover us for any additional preparation that we may need to undertake.  Where we do intend to charge more than $ 1100 per day in Court, we will advise you the proposed higher fee, up-front, in writing and we will seek to negotiate with you a fair and affordable fee.

When a Fixed Fee Court Appearance is available

Our ‘Fixed Fee Court Appearance’ service is provided where:-

  • subsequent to having received a written preliminary legal opinion from our firm, you have instructed us in writing that you intend to plead guilty to the charge or charges laid against you; and
  • one of our Solicitors prepares for a one day appearance in a Local Court in the Sydney metropolitan area
  • one of our Solicitors attends on a one day appearance at a Local Court in the Sydney metropolitan area

When a Fixed Fee Court Appearance is not available

Please note that the “Fixed Fee Court Appearance” service is not available in these circumstances:-

  • where the Court appearance is required in the District Court or Supreme Court or any Court of higher jurisdiction; and/or  
  • where, subsequent to you receiving a preliminary legal opinion from our firm, you instruct us that you wish to disputes any or all of the facts, as alleged in any Court Attendance Notice or Facts Sheet, in which case additional legal work will need to be performed by us; and/or
  • where, subsequent to you receiving a preliminary legal opinion from our firm, you instruct us that you intend to enter a plea of ‘not guilty’ and to defend yourself against any charge or charges laid against you;
  • where we decide, for any reason whatsoever, in our discretion, that we cannot provide our “Fixed Fee Court Appearance” service to you.  

Please note that before we proceed to enter a plea of guilty on your behalf, we will satisfy ourselves that you understand the consequences and repercussions of entering a plea of guilty and that you accept that you have been charged for conduct that allegedly meets the elements of the offence and that you accept guilt in relation to the offence(s) in question.

Please note that we may, in our absolute and sole discretion, any for any reason whatsoever and at any time, choose not to proceed with the offer of a Fixed Fee Court Appearance.

The advantage of fixed fees is that it takes away the uncertainty and mystery. It is important to us that you know exactly what you will be paying at the end of the day.

The Navado view is that quality legal representation should not be a luxury, but an affordable right.

For more information on our ‘Fixed Fee Court Appearance’ campaign, contact our office and speak to a solicitor. 

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