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A ‘Strata’ is defined as owning or renting part of a building or structure. Strata developments can be in various forms such as residential, commercial and mixed use. Strata structures usually consist of two kinds of property being, Lots (an apartment, villa, shop) and Common Property (car spaces, storerooms, Foyers). Clearly, there are various aspects involved with Strata Properties which open a platform for the possibility of a multitude of disputes or issues to arise.

In our experience, it is not uncommon for strata law disputes to occur between each and every individual that lives and/or works within that strata development. These include, but not limited to, disputes between tenants, disputes between tenants and landlords, disputes between tenants and the Strata Managing Agent and a Committee of Tenants and the Strata Managing Agent.

The most common disputes relate to keeping pets, damage to lot or damage to common property, excessive noise, fencing or boundary issues, Strata Levy issues, enforcement of by-laws, payment of rent and contractual issues.

At Navado, our team of Strata Lawyers are well-versed to handle and advise on a wide range of Strata Law Disputes. Our Strata Lawyers can meet with you to discuss your Strata Law Dispute, provide you with professional legal advice, such as your rights in regards to the dispute and Strata Law, determine the strong and weak points of any dispute that you are a party to and assist you with negotiating an agreement with the intention to resolve the matter.

Our team of Strata Lawyers understand that coming to an agreement can be difficult and not all parties will be satisfied with any particular outcome. In such instances, failing alternative dispute resolution, you may need to commence proceedings in a court or tribunal in order to resolve the dispute. If this situation does occur and you require legal representation, our Strata Lawyers can appear and represent you in any Tribunal or Court.

If you have a Strata Law Dispute, it is recommended that you speak with one of our Strata Lawyers. To arrange a consultation, please contact our firm by telephone on (02) 9233 4048 or send us an email at info@navado.com.au.

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