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As websites are being used increasingly for simple and complex transactions, individuals’ personal information is finding its way into online databases and being stored on internet servers. This information can be sensitive, including data relating to:

  • Financial matters;
  • Access codes and pin numbers;
  • Credit card details;
  • Account information and particulars;
  • Employment history;
  • Confidential business information and data.

Other information may also find its way into online archives which are used to store or process information in due course of online transactions. These may include:

  • Work history;
  • Criminal records;
  • Medical records; and
  • Other personal details, such as:
    • Contact details such as email addresses, and telephone numbers;
    • Domicile (where one lives);
    • Marriage status;
    • Past earnings;
    • Ownership of certain assets;
    • Membership of private associations or clubs; and
    • Educational history.

The above is not an exhaustive list of matters that may now find themselves somewhere on the internet. These details can be used for various reasons, such as online commercial transactions, payment of bills, debts and liabilities, application for jobs and employment, enrolment into schools and universities, transfer of medical information between doctors and hospitals and generally transferring data between statutory institutions.

Normally, the use of a website may involve entering information to gain access to data or to complete a transaction. This information will then be stored, either temporarily or permanently. The information may need to be used again by the website (automatically) or by the business or institution that the website is owned or run by. Because this information may be highly sensitive, website privacy policies should be drafted and settled by an Internet Privacy Policy Solicitor. The online privacy policy will need to consider the nature of the website on which it will appear and the type of information that is being requested. The Internet Privacy Policy Lawyer will analyse the circumstances under which the information will be provided and ensure that the site privacy policy sufficiently addresses the relevant privacy law concerns.

In the event that a user of a website feels that his private and confidential information is being abused online, he should immediately seek legal advice from a privacy law firm which deals with internet based disputes. A solicitor or lawyer who has experience in civil and commercial litigation will be best placed to offer legal advice in these circumstances because the abuse of confidential personal information may have significant consequences on an individual’s personal rights as well as his commercial or business interests as well.

If you require assistance dealing with a matter concerning online privacy policies, you may wish to contact our firm by telephone on (02) 9233 4048 or send an email info@navado.com.au and make an appointment to see one of our solicitors.

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