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Private Client Services

Private Client Services:

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Private client services are essentially legal services tailored specifically to the necessities of private individuals, regardless of the size of their net wealth. Over the years, Navado has serviced a broad range of private clients, across various industries and professions.

After acquiring an understanding of the client’s unique financial and personal circumstances, our private client legal team will provide a tailored response, aimed at synergistically achieving legal and financial equilibrium in the client’s private spheres.  Over the years, our private client services lawyers have managed client matters ranging from simple isolated transactional events, to medium to long term asset and investment vehicles structured in a tax efficient environment, to even more complicated innovative solutions designed to assist clients in the establishment, continuity and exit from business or family structures through generations.  Our lawyers have intricate knowledge of direct and indirect taxes and corporate, taxation and superannuation law, trusts law, asset protection, succession law and have handled a very wide range of complicated litigation matters and therefore are uniquely positioned to assist in the seamless transfer of accumulated wealth, from generation to generation.

Our team is dynamic, practical and willing to assist any potential client, regardless of the size of their net wealth or the complexity of their financial or personal circumstances.

Our lawyers can work with other experts

Where a client has already existing relationships with accountants or financial advisors, our lawyers can very carefully and professionally manage those relationships, including those with accountants, investment advisors, financial planners, taxation specialists, bank managers, mortgage brokers and insurance brokers, to ensure the comfort of the client and to promote the ability of the client to maintain existing successful relationships with other professionals. 

Private client legal services are strategically orientated to the unique circumstances of the private client and often require our lawyers to draw on the expertise of different members of our legal team, to facilitate the instructions and objectives of the client.  Appropriately structured legal advice is a critical element of sound and structured financial viability, wealth accumulation and business and family succession planning.

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If you need assistance with organizing any of your private client legal affairs, you may wish to speak to a member of the private client services team.  Our private client services legal team is based in the Hornsby Head Office at which you can organize to meet with a member of our team. 

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