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The members of our Environment and Property Team deal with a broad spectrum of legal matters ranging from the law relevant to architects, developers, builders and contractors, through to those who enjoy the use of land for personal occupation and commercial use, as well as those who deal in property transactions for investment and wealth acquisition purposes.

This area of law is very large and many of its aspects and subcategories will necessarily overlap with other related areas of legal practice. For example, cases and disputes that involve the law relating to the environment and property will invariably also involve questions relating to business law and statutory liabilities, because many of the issues in dispute will arise from the operation of various business interests on land and the manner in which those activities impact on the environment.

However, some of the more common disputes that can be litigated under environment and property law usually involve various dealings with interests in land, and how these can result in disputes over mortgages, conflicts involving easements and rights of way across land, developments that affect neighbouring property, as well as the interpretation and enforcement of leases and by-laws. Other cases can involve dispute relating to the particular use of land and the kinds of businesses that are operated on it. Sometimes, disputes will arise in the early stages of development application, or well after the land has been developed and been in use by a business owner.

The development and use of land will be governed by statutory instruments as well as the enforceable policies and standards of best practice set by industry bodies and government departments. Legislation relating to how land can be used will be highly relevant to purchasers, developers and business operators. So too will laws relating to the preservation of local and endangered flora and fauna. The use and storage of dangerous substances and the emission of noxious gases will also fall under the rubric of environment and property law because these concerns have a direct relationship to the risks connected with the quality and future utility of the land and the safety of its occupiers. Of course, the legal systems in place for dealing with contaminations on land can also involve a substantial degree of legal and factual complexity, depending on the circumstances of each case.

In all, the Environment and Property Team at Navado Lawyers and Solicitors works across various areas of law to provide a seamless, integrated and holistic legal services to our clients. Some of the areas that the Environmental and Property Law team at Navado can assist our client with include the following:

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