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At Navado, our Litigation Lawyers have experience in a number of different fields of Civil Litigation and may be able to assist you where you believe you have a case in relation to asset protection, association and sports, banking, bankruptcy and insolvency, building and construction, business, caveat, commercial, contract, credit, cyber, debt, defamation and discrimination, employment, environmental, estates, family law, franchise, insurance, international, intellectual property, migration and visa, misleading and deceptive conduct, mortgage, negligence, neighbourhood, notice to complete, workplace, partnerships, priority, professional negligence, property shareholders, strata, taxation, trademark and trust.

Our experience in each field allows us to advise you with a mind to the field as a whole, which permits us to draft an advice which may consider potential causes of action in each area, even where it may appear at first glance that your litigation is confined to a single area. Subsequently the experience of our solicitors permits a wider and deeper consideration of your matter beyond what may appear as the black letter scope. Additionally our solicitors have experience in consideration with relevant statutes, the common law and any equitable rights which may manifest. Subsequently our Solicitors may be able to assist you to consider not only alternate causes of actions but also rights which may be available to you.

We have successfully represented clients in Local Courts, District Courts, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Court of Australia and Tribunals such as NCAT. Additionally Navado has considerable access to a wide variety of expert counsel who may be able to assist you in the most focused and effective way regarding your complex matter. The combination of our in-house expertise, resources and counsel allows Navado to cover the field of law and advise you in relation to your complex matter, with a mind to advising you of causes of actions.

Our Litigation Lawyers can strategically formulate and implement the most appropriate solution to solve your problem. Our Litigation Lawyers have successfully acted in a diverse range of litigious matters, involving:

We have successfully represented clients in Local Courts, District Courts, the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Court of Australia and Tribunals such as NCAT.

If you are engaged in a civil dispute, we recommend that you contact our office and arrange an appointment to see one of our Complex Disputes & Litigation Solicitors in our Sydney office. For a complete listing please see our "Locations" tab.

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