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Address: Level 1, 22-28 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby NSW 2077

Email: peter.zada@navado.com.au

Business Phone: (02) 9233 4048

Mobile: 0414 322 287 



Peter Zada has been the Practice Director of Navado Lawyers & Solicitors since 2001. Peter has practiced in Sydney as a Lawyer and Advocate since 1999, with particular expertise in complicated litigation matters and representation before Federal and State Courts & Tribunals, as well as the provision of associated legal advice.


Peter represents clients in commercial litigation matters including bankruptcy and insolvency disputes, building and construction litigation, commercial and contractual disputes, as well as matters involving misleading or deceptive conduct, unconscionability and various torts including deceit, negligence and nuisance.


Peter also represents clients in administrative law matters, disputed defamation matters, employment matters (for employers and employees), banking and financial services litigation (including representation against banks), insurance disputes, intellectual property litigation, property or strata disputes, caveat or mortgage litigation, as well as property development disputes and taxation litigation. 


Peter holds an Honours Degree in Law from the University of Sydney and enjoys reading law, accounting, medicine, philosophy and science, enabling him to assist both private individuals and small businesses in niche areas of legal practice such as animal law, charities and trusts, child care and protection, consumer claims, discrimination and human rights, education law, estates and family provision claims, medical and mental health law, motor vehicle disputes, petrol station law, privacy and confidentiality, as well as tax and superannuation law. 


His financial services background assists him with matters that require close analysis and a forensic mindset. Peter holds a Degree in Commerce (Accounting) and associated Diploma qualifications in Credit, Financial Planning and Governance. He has completed the Public Practice Program with Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand and previously practiced as a Public Accountant and Tax Agent (also practicing as a lawyer during this time).


Peter has previously acted in many business and property transactions and often draws on this experience in legal matters involving analysis of businesses entities, corporate and trust structures (including self managed superannuation funds), as well as international assets, businesses and transactions. 


Peter's experience is dispersed across many publicly available reported legal decisions in Supreme Court or Federal Court matters where he has represented clients against financiers, lenders, registered liquidators, as well as national or multi-national corporations in industries including the food franchising, motor vehicle, petroleum and tobacco industries.


Other reported decisions include matters where Peter has represented clients in the Supreme Court of New South Wales in costs disputes, cross-vesting matters, discovery disputes, easement disputes, matters involving freezing orders and tracing, insolvency litigation, mortgage disputes, property disputes and solicitor costs disputes.


Further, reported legal decisions in matters including defamation, employment law, decisions of the Land and Environment Court in environmental planning matters, decisions of the Land and Environment Court in tree disputes matters, migration litigation, as well as decisions of the Supreme Court of Victoria in Intellectual property (copyright and trademark infringement) matters and the Federal Court of Australia in relation to trademark infringement, clearly demonstrate Peter's breadth of knowledge and experience. 


Peter has represented clients in many complex and often defended criminal matters, including in a noteworthy reported decision in the Court of Criminal Appeal (NSWCCA). He has represented health professionals in cases leading to reported decisions in licensing and professional conduct matters and as an advocate Solicitor, represented and obtained a favourable reported decision for an employer in a complicated workplace health and safety matter.


A notable family law matter that Peter acted in involved consideration of cultural, religious and sociological issues in a complex parenting dispute, resulting in an important reported family law decision on point. Peter has also represented clients in complex family law property settlement matters, with reported family law decisions in not only property settlement proceedings between parties, but also proceedings involving third parties. 


As a general practitioner and litigation lawyer, Peter offers refreshing breadth across and depth in multiple areas of law, drawing motivation from the wisdom of the late Chester Porter QC: “An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until finally he knows everything about nothing; well, I was a generalist who knows less and less about more and more until you finally know nothing about everything”.


Between 2001 and January 2023, Peter operated Navado Lawyers & Solicitors (Navado) in Sydney CBD, but in January 2023, Peter relocated the practice to Hornsby and now meets clients in person in Upper North Shore Hornsby. Peter worked full time as a Legal Practice Director of Navado between August 2001 and until late 2021, being physically based in Sydney CBD at Level 10, 309 Pitt Street, for over 20 years, during this time. From late 2021 and until August 2023, in addition to continuing to be a Director of Navado, Peter also held roles as a Senior Solicitor, Special Counsel and then a Partner, at other Sydney Law Firms, but since August 2023 has ceased work for other Law Firms in order to resume work full time, for Navado. 



- Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of Sydney (1998)

- Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Economics), University of Sydney (1996)

- Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law (1999)

- NSW Law Society Practice Management Course, FMRC Legal (2001)

- Public Practice Program, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (2011)

- Emotional Intelligence, University of Sydney (Centre for Continuing Education) (2016)

- Australian Immigration Law and Practice, University of NSW (2001)

- Graduate Diploma in Company Secretarial Practice, Australian Governance Institute (2002)

- Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Investment Banking Institute (2009)

- Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, Walker & Miller (2013)

- Certificate IV in Property Services, Real Estate Education & Training (NSW) (2020)



- Member of the Law Society of NSW 

- Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA)

- Member of the Institute of Management Consultants (MIMC) 

- Associate Member of the Governance Institute of Australia (AGIA) 

- Affiliate Member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA)




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