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What visa do I apply for?

If you have ever spoken to a Sydney Immigration Lawyer, you might have been told that there are four (4) classes of visa and collectively over 100 different sub-classes branching from each individual visa class. Each visa sub-class accommodates for varying circumstances, have distinctive requirements which must be met or are targeted at specific demographics. Competent Immigration Lawyers should be familiar with each of the visa sub-classes.

Given the variety of sub-classes available, it is important to us, as competent Migration Lawyers, that when a client approaches us looking to apply for a temporary or permanent stay in Australia, we make a comprehensive and proper assessment on the merits of all available visa sub-classes comparable to the individual circumstances of the applicant. The most appropriate visa to any given person must be assessed on their individual circumstances and immigration goals.

The mistake that Migration Agents and Migration Lawyers often make is that they simply apply for the most obvious visa sub-class and fail to properly assess all the available options, some of which may have less stringent requirements and higher chance of success.

We do not guarantee success and feel that it is inappropriate for any Migration Agent or Migration Lawyer to make any such representations. We are, however, confident that your chances of success of being granted a visa can be maximized by having proper regard to all available visa sub-classes. 

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