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Privacy Policy

The Navado approach to privacy

We take the privacy of our clients seriously.  We have our own set of principles which are incorporated within our team culture.  We comply with the Spam Act 2003, the Privacy Principles in the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998, as well as the Privacy Amendment Act 2004.   Our team agrees to be bound by our Email and Internet Policy which is in place for the protection of our client's information as well as the protection of our Server and Database. We receive information regarding legal, taxation, accounting, financial planning, credit and other matters from prospective clients on a day to day basis, voluntarily via our enquiries engine on our website. We cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any information submitted via the internet, due to, inter alia, the large scope and exposure of the internet.

Collecting your information

If you wish to make an appointment or seek advice for the first time, we strongly recommend that you only submit your name. Please try your best to ensure that you do not include any confidential information about your matter. If you do so before you have formally retained the relevant business or businesses within the Navado Group, we are unable to guarantee the confidentiality of any such information provided.  When you visit this website, our internet service provider may make a record of your visit and may record, amongst other things, matters such as:

  • your personal domain name (if relevant); and/or
  • the time and date of your visit to our website; and/or
  • your internet address.

Usually, this information is applied for statistical purposes. As you would appreciate, generally speaking, in providing professional services to you or any other person, we usually collect personal information (for example, your contact details). You agree that we may share your personal information with any business that is a member of the Navado Group, or that we may disclose your information to agents or third parties from time to time, to help us, inter alia, with the provision and/or marketing of our services to you.

Use of your personal information

Your personal information will be used and disclosed for the primary purpose for which it was collected. Your personal information may also be used for ancillary purposes (for example, sending invoices or reminder notices, marketing our services, or customer service). Sometimes, we engage third parties to perform services for us which involve that party handling your personal information (for example, a message service may take your name and telephone number for us to call you back). Your personal information may also be disclosed as compelled by law or with your consent.

Security of information

Your personal information may be stored either in physical documents or as electronic data in our computer systems. We maintain physical security over our paper and electronic data stores and premises, such as locks and security systems. We also maintain computer and network security; for example, we use firewalls (security measures for the Internet) and other security systems such as user identifiers and passwords to control access to our computer system.

Use of cookies

Your browser stores cookie messages in a text file and sends these back to our website each time the browser requests a page from the website. From time to time, we may use cookies to measure usage periods accurately, as well as to obtain an idea of which areas of our website attracts traffic. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you may be able to alter your browser settings accordingly.

As you would no doubt be aware, the Internet is not a safe and secure environment. Information you send to us, from your workplace, for example, may be able to be accessed by your employer or an intermediate service provider. If you use the Internet to send us any information, including your email address, it is sent at your own and sole risk - and expressly not at our risk.

Access and accuracy

If you think that the information we hold is inaccurate, please contact our Privacy Compliance Officer (see below) who may take reasonable steps to update your information or speak to you about other options.  If you require access to some of your information, please contact our Privacy Compliance Officer (see below), who may deny your request in some circumstances. If we deny your request, we will tell you why.

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