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Do I need to pay GST when I sell vacant property ?

Normally, the sale of pre-existing residential premises are input taxed supplies, meaning that no GST is payable. On the other hand, vacant land, even if within a residential zone, is not encompassed by the definition of “residential premises”. This means that in most circumstances, GST will be payable on the supply of vacant land.

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What is the margin scheme ?

Generally speaking, when you sell a property that is not residential, commercial or that is part of your business, you will need to pay tax, known as GST. Normally, the GST payable is one-eleventh of the sale price. However, under the margin scheme, GST is not calculated on the entirety of the sale price, but rather, is calculated based on the “margin” for the supply.

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Who attends settlement if I purchase a property?

Settlement is usually attended by four parties. They include the buyer’s solicitor or conveyancer, the seller’s solicitor or conveyancer, the discharging mortgagee and incoming mortgagee (where applicable). The buyer (you) and seller are not required to personally attend settlement – your Conveyancing Lawyers will attend on your behalf.

How to choose the right property manager?

Selecting the right Property Manager to manage your property will affect how your portfolio performs and how well your asset is maintained. Choosing the right company or individual can be difficult with the many options available. Our Conveyancing team has devised the CLEEQ principle to help you pick the right real estate agent or property manager for your investment.


Auction or private treaty?

Selling a business or commercial property can be difficult and complicated. Whether to sell by auction or private treaty is an important business decision that must be made.  Whether you choose a private treaty or an auction is a commercial decision but our Conveyancing Lawyers can assist you in the preparation of contracts and advise you of the benefits and disadvantages of both.

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What is a commercial sale?

A commercial sale is the sale of a commercial or industrial property or business. It involves a lot more than just advertising your business or commercial property and selling to a purchaser who appears to offer a good price.  Many Vendors are often sued or are on the receiving end of legal claims and disputes, as a result of representations made in Sale of Business or Sale of Property advertisements.


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